Key Cities is a network of 20 mid-sized towns and cities facing similar post-industrial challenges across England and Wales, 11 of whom are situated across Northern England. Formed in 2013, the Key Cities Group is an essential step forward in becoming a unified voice and an alliance of shared interests, promoting economic interests to central government. The Northern Exposure project will be working with Key Cities to identify findings which will feed into policy formulations on ‘inclusive growth’, resulting in the publication of a policy brief near the end of the project.
Key Cities website
Runnymede is the UK's leading independent race equality think tank. Runnymede generate intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain through research, network building, leading debate, and policy engagement. They are working to build a Britain in which all citizens and communities feel valued, enjoy equal opportunities, lead fulfilling lives, and share a common sense of belonging. Runnymede’s authoritative research-based interventions in social policy and practice, and public engagement with decision makers, will assist the Northern Exposure project.
Runnymede website
Stop Hate are a leading UK organisation providing support to people affected by Hate Crimes and Incidents for 23 years. Stop Hate use their strong evidence base, rooted in the experience of people affected by hate crime, to develop innovative projects and programmes, raise awareness and improve policy and practice to tackle Hate Crime. Working in conjunction with Stop Hate UK, the Northern Exposure project will work on tools to identify and tackle incidents of Hate Crime and support the production of strong, quality evidence on Hate Crime.
Stop Hate UK website
JUST Yorkshire is an established Human Rights, Secular Charity dated back to 2009. Their work primarily focuses on promoting racial justice, civil liberties and human rights, and provides a voice to the Yorkshire region on a broad range of issues that (based on evidence) disproportionately affect minority communities in terms of policy discourse and impact. JUST Yorkshire will actively provide support to the Northern Exposure project, providing unique insights and access to grassroots networks and relationships, to help prepare a basis for a framework for communities and local authorities in the North to come to terms with the anticipated challenges of a post-Brexit society.
Just Yorkshire website

Other project partners

Advisory/corresponding board members

  • Bhikhu Parekh (Honorary Chair), Emeritus Professor, University of Hull
  • Omar Khan, Director, Runnymede
  • Kimberly McIntosh, Senior Policy Officer, Runnymede
  • Rose Simkins, Chief Executive, Stop Hate UK
  • Bill Howe, Senior Project Officer, Stop Hate UK
  • Nadeem Murtuja, Chairman and Acting Director, JUST Yorkshire
  • Jamil Akhtar, South Asian Consortium Kirklees
  • Rosie Carter, Senior Policy Officer, Hope Not Hate

Local Authorities

  • Preston City Council
  • Wakefield Council
  • Calderdale Council (Halifax)
  • Middlesbrough Council


Academic advisory board members