4th June 2020. Andrew Wallace published ‘Pandemic solidarities: from despair to where?‘ as part of the Discovery Society’s COVID-19 Chronicles. You can read the full piece here.
21st May 2020. We inaugurated our project seminar series, (Red) Walls, (Brexit) Borders and (Pandemic) Politics, with a webinar featuring a keynote presentation titled ‘Class inequality, community studies and COVID-19‘ from Dr Lisa Mckenzie, Assistant Professor in Department of Sociology at Durham University. Adrian Favell chaired the well-attended two-hour session. The talk was followed by…
22nd October 2019. Paul Bagguley and Roxana Barbulescu were invited talk at a workshop about the Northern Exposure project.
15th August 2019. Northern Exposure’s policy briefing with the Runnymede Trust, Class, Race and Inequality in Northern Towns (Aug 2019), is discuss in a Guardian article, titled Obsession with white working class fuels inequality in north, study warns. The full article can be read here. The policy briefing also received coverage on BCC Radio Leeds….